Golden Hooves is a Mature Cheddar, crafted at our Haverfordwest creamery with a full, rounded flavour. This delicious cheddar has won multiple awards at the International and Global cheese awards, but it’s so much more than that.

When you enjoy Golden Hooves Cheddar, every bite makes a difference, because we believe that if we look after nature, she’ll look after us. It starts with milk, our farmers work in harmony with nature, using regenerative methods where livestock graze naturally, recycling nutrients into the soil with their Golden Hooves to improve soil health and capture carbon in the soil. We’re looking after earth for today and future generations. What’s more, our farmers, part of the First Milk co-operative believe that every animal deserves a good life, so every farm has a clear animal health and welfare plan agreed with their vet because we believe that happy, healthy animals help make healthy people and a healthy planet. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re determined to make a positive difference. By buying our moreish cheddar you can play your part in regenerating our shared earth.